Toni Berger, Santa Monica. Life coach for women over 50 online and in-person

Toni Berger
Certified Life Coach

Santa Monica, California

I am a certified life coach with over 20 years of experience in positive psychology.

My niche is working with women over 50 to support them in finding their true self and using that knowledge to assist them in transitioning into a new and positive time of their life. I work with my clients online to propel them into their most gratified self which creates the opening for great opportunities and boundless success.

My Coaching Expertise

ACTP - ICF accredited coach in Santa monica
  • ICF Accredited Coach: International Coaching Federation (ICF) is one of the most widely recognized coaching credentials in the world.
  • I have completed thousands of coaching hours helping people change their lives.
  • Over 20 years experience in positive psychology
  • My goal is providing completely non judgmental support.
  • I have a background in fine art, yoga, meditation and conventional therapy. I incorporate all of this experience to show up for my clients in a well informed and well rounded way.
  • I continue attending regular webinars, trainings, individual and group retreats that are relevant to my own growth and development.
  • I work with my own professional Coach to deepen my understanding of myself and challenge my own perspectives. My growth is constant and evolving.

What is GROWTH BEYOND 50 Coaching?

My process is about looking at where you are in the now and taking you on a journey to finding that the life you dream of is absolutely possible. I encourage you to let yourself in. Allow yourself to realize your true self without the distraction of all of the limitations we all put upon ourselves, as well as the limitations the outside world puts on us. There are no limitations! I truly believe that anything is possible once we begin looking at ourselves through a heroic lens. It is my belief that age is only a number and that through my process we can discover whatever is standing in your way of living your best and most fulfilling life.

As I reached 50 I began to realize that the women around me were living the life they feel they “should” be living as opposed to the life that they dream of having. They felt stuck and unable to progress. I realized that so many amazing women were feeling empty and not knowing why. It was then that I decided to start a new career in life coaching with the platform of supporting women in my age group to feel that this can be an exciting beginning in which they can realize all of their dreams.

I believe in starting in the “now”. Positive psychology is all about addressing where you are in the present and making that a jumping off point which leads to providing the tools and insights to assist you in your journey. It is then that your dreams are able to come true and success can flourish.

I believe that life can be filled with positive growth in ways you’ve never dreamed of.  Working with my unique brand of coaching I can meet you wherever you are in the present.

I give you permission to put your needs first in order to speak openly. Our sessions are a safe place for you to talk about anything without fear. What happens in our sessions, stays in our sessions. You have complete confidentiality.

I look at every individual through what I like to call a heroic lens. You are all heroes in my eyes from the beginning.



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