Client Reviews

Happy women loving their 50’s and beyond

3 women over the age of 50 in community after life coaching session in Santa Monica and online

Client Reviews

Happy women loving their 50’s and beyond

I felt that I was over the hill and that it was too late

When I realized that I had entered mid life I began feeling that I was over the hill and that it was too late for me to find new ways to enjoy life in the future. I was obsessed with regrets of all the things I had done/not done in my youth. My mind was telling me that so many opportunities had passed me by that it was over for me.

I believed that I had made so many wrong choices that all of my options for happiness in later life did not exist. For the last several years this left me in a hopeless frame of mind. I felt isolated and alone.

Then about a year ago I started coaching sessions with Toni. From the first few sessions I felt that there was actually a light at the end of the tunnel for ways I could enrich my life starting in the present.

I am almost 70 years old and have come to believe that my 70’s could be the best years of my life. I learned how to let go of the “should haves” and “could have beens”.

As a result of my new found self esteem and confidence I started attending events, meeting new people and opening up . I have even met someone I am very attracted to and believe that this could be the beginning of something wonderful!

This is something I dreamed about and previously felt was impossible at this stage of my life.

Anna J., New York, NY

I began to realize that financial success and inner peace can exist together

From the time I was a child I dreamed of being a musician. I began studying piano at age 3 and continued with my musical education through college where I earned a Doctorate of Music degree from Juilliard.

When I graduated I moved from New York to Los Angeles as my dream was to become a soundtrack composer. I possessed the talent, the education as well as the determination to do whatever I had to do to become successful.

There were many unsavory situations I found myself experiencing, as many of the people I rubbed elbows with in this business were extremely competitive and cut throat. I was warned about this during my time in school, but hearing about it and experiencing it daily are two very different things.

My attitude was that if I just pushed my negative feelings deep down and I directed all my concentration on success and the work, I could deal with the people and personalities without it costing me anything. It was business, not personal I told myself. And that is the mind set I lived by for many years.

Over time I developed a severe case of panic and anxiety disorder which I was prescribed medication to control. I eventually developed a bleeding ulcer which I treated with medication as well.

As the years went by I achieved great financial success and accolades from my peers for my work.  As I turned 60 I began to find that there was something wrong. I realized that not only was my physical condition getting worse, but my relationships were becoming more and more toxic. For the first time I could not keep my emotions at bay and I went into a deep depression. I had to stop writing for over a year. I felt paralyzed.

I needed to find a way to work through that without a loss of dignity or self esteem. I met Toni at a recording session that a mutual friend was producing. She was so easy to talk to that I found myself opening up to her about the depth of what I was experiencing. She told me that she was a Life Coach and that she would be happy to work with me to find a way to the other side of what I was going through.

Because of our work together I have found that a woman can have a career and positive relationships at the same time without compromising one for the other. It was a process of allowing myself to bring up, work on and embrace the feelings that I had suppressed for so many years.

I have been able to cut down on the meds I had been taking for many years, slowly and with my doctors guidance. I am writing again and just got an amazing offer for a new film that will be released in 2024.

I always tell Toni that I owe it all to her, to which she always replies that it was me that did the work and that I should own that. Her process lead me to allow myself to do exactly that! I am grateful to her for leading me down the path to a new found calm and resilience.

Virginia G., West Hills, California

I was not living the life I had always wanted and felt stuck

I have worked with Toni for a year now.  I did an evaluation as to where I was in our first session to our session last week.  I was amazed and delighted to find that I had made so many positive changes not only in my lifestyle, but in my self confidence, self esteem and inner strength.

I came to Toni from 5 years of working with a psychologist. I had come from that arena to find that my attempt at dealing with my depression and self doubt based on my youth was only part of the picture in regards to progressive change. Through therapy I had worked through many of my issues based on psychologically embedded messages that were established in my in the past. These were what I believed were causing unwanted behavior in the present. I was not living the life I had always wanted and felt stuck even though I had put my time and finances in to therapy.

Toni’s coaching sessions were filled with knowledge and compassion.  I was able to start in the moment and worked towards changing self deprecating behavior that was stopping me from being happy and self assured starting in the present.

I highly recommend Toni as an insightful, compassionate, patient person who has all the tools and insights to lead one in to their most authentic self.

Marie S., Hollywood, California

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