Life Coaching for Women 50+

Positive psychology and life coaching
sessions for life-changing growth

Happy woman over the age of 50 living her best life with the help of coaching

Life Coaching for
Women 50+

Positive psychology and life coaching sessions for life-changing growth

Become your most authentic self!

Ready to begin your transition?

Life coaching for women over 50 is about compassionate support in order to provide you with the tools to move forward in your life in a positive manner.

If you find this to be a time in your life of difficult transition and at a difficult crossroad, I can assist you in moving forward in a new and self empowering way.


Successful woman over 50 in Los Angeles on an online positive psychology life coaching session

Life Coaching & Positive Psychology Benefits:

Happy older woman on Zoom call on laptop in Pacific Palisades

Self Awareness


Self Esteem



Happy 70 year old woman in Santa Monica, client of life coach Toni Berger

Learn to love your life after 50

Talk to Toni

Online Coaching Sessions with Toni Berger

Certified Professional Life Coach

Toni will help you to clarify your desires and learn how to embrace your wisdom, experience, and vitality. Make the most of this transformative stage of your life to become the woman you are meant to be.

Private and group sessions are held online via Zoom.

Toni Berger, Santa Monica. Life coach for women over 50 online and in-person

Get Started On Your Positive Growth Journey

Move closer to realizing your dreams

Gain Tools & Insights

Toni helps you to speak openly in sessions to clarify your wants. You’ll gain tools and insights and develop a roadmap to achieve your desires.

Put Yourself First

Embrace your wisdom, experience, and vitality. Learn to put your needs first so you go from being last on your list to first! 

Achieve Growth

Enhance your self-awareness. Embrace resilience in order to find that your journey has just begun.

Client Success Stories

I felt that I was over the hill and that it was too late for me to enjoy the future in any kind of meaningful fashion. I was filled with regrets. I had so many opportunities and made the wrong choices that in the present left me in a hopeless frame of mind. I started coaching with Toni and from the first session I saw that there was actually a light at the end of the tunnel for my future.

Anna J., New York, NY

I was not living the life I had always wanted and felt stuck even though I had put my time and finances in to therapy Toni’s coaching sessions were filled with knowledge and compassion. I was able to start in the moment and worked towards changing self deprecating behavior that was stopping me from being happy and self assured starting in the present.

Marie S., Hollywood, California

My relationships were becoming toxic and I needed to find a way to work through that without fear, regret, loss of dignity and self esteem. Toni helped me to see what that was about in a gentle and patient manner. I found that a woman in later life can have a career and positive relationships together without compromising one for the other.

Virginia G., West Hills, California

Ready to live with purpose and

tap into your true potential?

Talk to Toni – call or email to schedule your


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